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The PEOPLE EFFECTING PEOPLE ™ (PEP) athletic department is focused on the physical, mental and character development of disenfranchised youth throughout the Washington Metropolitan area. Through our partnerships with like-minded youth sports organizations, PEP will provide an opportunity for these children to participate in a wide variety of sports including but not limited to; Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, Track & Field, Flag Football and Tackle Football.


We will strive to maintain the highest level of honesty, integrity and compassion when supporting the families of our athletic department. To ensure that the effect our organization has on the people of our communities is nothing less than first class.

If you are an organization/vendor interested in collaborating with PEP to enhance to athletic development of youth athletes, please contact the Sports Delegate and/or Executive Director for information on how you can help.

What You Know About PEP?

We will be offering unique recreational sports leagues, tournaments and social opportunities for men and women of all ages and skill levels in a safe, friendly and fun environment.  Our athletic department will offer a full service program of quality competitive sports including football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, soccer, golf, tennis, cross country, and cheerleading. Participation will be open to District of Columbia, Maryland and Northern Virginia residents.

All teams and individual players will be welcome, and thanks to our inclusive spirit, our leagues and tournaments bring all nationalities, races and genders together. You can meet new people, stay in shape, relieve stress and have fun...all at the same time!

Our leagues and tournaments will make it easy to participate in the sports you love and those you've played years ago or always wanted to try. We take pride in providing fun and well run tournaments for all ages.  As you participate in our events please know that our staff takes pride in providing players and teams the best experience, value, administration, and customer service.

We are interested in putting on programs that promote sports. We want to start programs and tournaments but we need your participation.



Through the PEP Youth Athletic Scholarship Program (PYASP) our goal is to assist in the enrollment process for up to 20 children per year with funding not to exceed $250 per child, per sport for registration cost. The Youth Scholarship Program will award the first scholarships for 2013-14 winter sports season, in December (Please refer to PEP Youth Athletic Scholarship Program guidelines for applicant requirements).

Winter Sports


• November 2013- Final interviews for PYSP will be conducted


• December/January 13-14- Scholarships will be awarded


Spring Sports


• December 2013- PYSP applications for spring season will be accepted


• February 2014- Final interviews for PYSP will be conducted


• March/April 2014- Scholarships will be awarded


Summer/Fall Sports


• March 2014- PYSP applications for summer season will be accepted


• May 2014- Final interviews for PYSP will be conducted


• July 2014- Scholarships will be awarded