3805 Lawrence Street

Colmar Manor, MD 20744

(240) 343-4PEP (737)

 Our PEP team has a passion in everything we do to create beautiful and functional work. We spend a lot of time planning different events and programs, all in which our experiences have shaped the way we approach each creative project that comes our way. There is an intrinsic need for quality creative communication in every organization that has a message, and our goal is to help facilitate and express that message.


At a glimpse, we are not a large organization, but our team understands the unique needs of the people we serve to help us produce big work in the metropolitan area. If you talk with any of our members, we think you'll find our strengths to be an uncommon pairing of creativity and organization, both of which are imperative to a successful organization.  We love our members, and we are excited about their hard work and dedication.  It is always our hope that what we do is a blessing to the community, and that we can make a difference to the lives of many people that we service.