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Our Education Programs are designed to serve the specific needs in the community.  We provide the training, techniques, and ongoing support you need to create an effective and personalized learning environment. Our first priority is ensuring that our students receive the guidance they need to succeed and grow as individuals.


Some of  our programs include: Tutoring, mentoring, educational, academic and career advising assistance in completing college applications and financial aid forms; Help in finding and applying for scholarships; Special programs, guest speakers, videos; Trips to colleges and vocational schools; Assistance in obtaining your diploma, GED, or degree, and much more…


Discover Your Success

Discover Your Success aims to support and encourage the academic, personal, and social growth of children and youth in District, Maryland and Virginia with the help of volunteers and community partners.

Discover Your Talents

Discover Your Talents  are “how to” seminars taught by our community partners to help members of the community in areas of home improvement, culinary training, car repair, and other areas of interest. 



Discover Your Future

Discover Your Future   offers vocational training, college prep and language classes such as English (for Spanish speakers), college tours, FAFSA form seminar and College Application seminar, resume writing and much, much more.