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Our Health/Wellness Programs are multi-layered programs to assist and support the community in establishing healthier lifestyles. Weight reduction, improved fitness, increased stamina, lower stress levels, increased well-being, self-image and self- esteem are some of the targets of our programs.


We recognize that in building teams our programs create a supportive, cooperative and empowering environment that assist in the achievement of these goals.  Our programs bring awareness, lifestyle changes, supportive groups, activities and changed attitudes.


Join one of our programs.  They are designed for people of all ages and cultures.

PEP-HEP Health Empowerment Project  is a health team focused on physical, mental and nutritional health.  This team ages (13 and up) assembles monthly to complete community health challenges of a physical, mental and nutritional nature.

365° Program™ is a year-long health/fitness commitment based weight loss program.

Strolling With Seniors™  to assist our Seniors in getting the healthy amount of exercise for a prosperous and long life.  Twice monthly the members of PEP will walk with Seniors of the DMV through parks, malls, lakes and gymnasiums.