3805 Lawrence Street

Colmar Manor, MD 20744

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People Effecting People (PEP) is currently looking for dance instructors to volunteer their time to help those in the community that are less forturnate but want to learn to express themselves through movement.  The instructors responsibility is to instruct, explain and demonstrate techniques and methods of dance with musical and rhythmic accompaniment to students of all ages.


Right now our organization offers ballet, different forms of modern, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Lyrical and mime. We are open to suggestions for other forms of movement.  Please visit our volunteer page to submit you information if you are interested.

Introducing April Lawyer, PEP Dance Academy

I’m excited about teaching with People Effecting People (PEP). It offers me a chance to work with students from a wide range of ages and to teach a variety of dance styles.  I enjoy being able to introduce the joy of dance to the lives of young people and watch them grow as they explore everything that the art form offers. 


 I have been dancing since I was young, and it has enriched my life.  Now, I’m happy that I can offer that same thing to others. Through PEP, I hope to offer lessons in a variety of styles. This is important to me, and I believe it will allow me to share the love I have for dance with future generations.