3805 Lawrence Street

Colmar Manor, MD 20744

(240) 343-4PEP (737)

The People Effecting People Health Empowerment Project (PEP-HEP) is a team based project to promote health and wellness in our community. We at PEP know that good health initiatives are essential to improving the lives of all and the support of the community is essential to improving health. Communities that support and maintain positive environments for people to make healthier food choices and be more physically active can enhance the personal health of their citizens.  


Cardiovascular disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes are linked by common risk factors/behaviors and/or health habits assiciated with physical inactivity and poor nutrition. Heart disease is the Nations #1 and #4 killer, claiming more than 800 thousand lives a year. By accepting and joining this project you are participating in a movement to prevent heart disease and stroke.


Participants in this project will celebrate the area's magnificent landscapes, waterways and historical sites by walking, bike riding and canoeing. Participants will also have fitness activities, wellness programs, and empowerment workshops. There will be monthly challenges and focal points in health and weekly group activities. We believe that getting support by excersing together can actually halp you stick with your health and fitness goals.